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Cooby helps you directly start a conversation with your HubSpot contact, this innovative addition offers a seamless experience, enabling you to initiate WhatsApp chats directly within the HubSpot platform. By eliminating the need to switch between applications, this feature enhances efficiency in engaging with leads and clients. Now, nurturing relationships and communicating effectively is more streamlined and accessible, allowing for a more integrated workflow within the HubSpot environment. Cooby encourages you to explore this new functionality and optimize your communication strategies effortlessly.

Sending a Message on HubSpot

  1. Click on the contact you wish to send a message to.

  2. On the right sidebar, find New WhatsApp Message by Cooby and click Send messages. This action will prompt a new message dialog.

    1. From: It'll display the phone number currently logged in to your WhatsApp Web.

    2. To: You can choose a specific phone number if multiple numbers are available. HubSpot values considered valid phone numbers include:

      • Mobile phone number

      • Phone number

      • WhatsApp phone number

    3. Chat name: If multiple chats are available:

      1. 1:1 chat is the default.

      2. Group chat will be displayed if the number is part of a group.

  3. Type your message in the provided field and click Send.

  4. Upon successful delivery, a success banner will appear.

    1. If there's an error, an error banner will display.

Troubleshooting: Why I can not send a message out?

The following conditions must be met before sending WhatsApp messages out on HubSpot:

    • As per HubSpot's policy, without HubSpot Integration permission, Cooby cannot be authorized and won't have the necessary permissions to assist in sending messages directly from HubSpot.

  • WhatsApp Web is enabled in your browser.

    • Cooby sends messages through your WhatsApp Web. If your WhatsApp Web tab isn't open, Cooby won't be able to locate the platform to send your message.

  • You are logged into WhatsApp Web.

    • As mentioned earlier, if you have the WhatsApp Web page open but aren't logged in, Cooby won't be able to identify the sender and therefore cannot successfully send the message.

  • The Cooby extension is installed.

    • To utilize this service, you'll need to install the Cooby extension, which offers this feature

  • You are logged into Cooby.

    • Alongside installing Cooby, make sure to log in to your Cooby account to access the full messaging functionality.


You won't see the chat on HubSpot immediately; it will appear on the CRM card in the live chat once the sync message is completed.

We hope this document helps you better understand how Cooby works. For any concerns or questions regarding your HubSpot integration, kindly email us at [email protected] 💜

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