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Troubleshooting: how to fix WhatsApp syncing issues with HubSpot
Troubleshooting: how to fix WhatsApp syncing issues with HubSpot
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Having trouble with syncing WhatsApp messages into HubSpot?

Don't fret! Our comprehensive guide addresses common user concerns such as "My message did not sync!" or "I can't see any chats on my HubSpot." Discover effective self-diagnostic techniques to resolve these issues effortlessly. Learn how to troubleshoot and ensure seamless communication within HubSpot. Follow our step-by-step instructions below.

Grant access

After you join the team and connect with HubSpot, you will need to grant your access to allow Cooby to sync messages to HubSpot.

Every time your sync permission changes, you will need to accept it again.

Sync now

  1. If your sync permission is set to auto-sync, you will see your sync status in the corner of the contact page on WhatsApp Web, click it.

  2. You may notice that the last sync time is not recent compared to your latest message.

  3. Click the Sync now button to manually trigger the syncing process.

  4. A popup will appear, select Sync.

  5. You will notice the sync status changing to Syncing...

  6. Once the process is complete, the sync status will be displayed as Sync completed, and you will notice a change in your last sync time. Please go to your HubSpot account to verify if the message has been successfully synced.

Reach the Synced limitation

If you reach your monthly message sync limit, your syncing status will be automatically changed from Synced to Paused. You can verify this change on your WhatsApp Web.

Turned on the auto-sync permission

Click here and click on your Auto-sync Setting and ensure that the contact's auto-sync permission is turned on.

Enabled Cooby in your "Filter activity" settings

  1. Open HubSpot and click on any contact

  2. Click and expand filter activity

  3. Ensure that WhatsApp are enabled under the Integrations section.

Your HubSpot permission

  1. Go to the setting page on HubSpot

  2. Click Users & Teams

  3. Hover over your name field and click Actions to access the Edit Permissions option.

  4. Go to Narrow access with Permissions and make sure that all your permissions in CRM access are set to Everything can view.

  5. If not, please ask your admin/super admin to enable your permission.

Authorizer permissions

Who is responsible for connecting HubSpot with Cooby?

We recommend that the person responsible for connecting Cooby with HubSpot be super admin in HubSpot. This will ensure that everyone can see all messages in HubSpot once the setup is completed.

We hope this document helps you better understand how Cooby works. For any concerns or questions regarding your HubSpot integration, kindly email us at [email protected] 💜

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