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Tabs are groupings of chats on your WhatsApp. Utilize this amazing tool to help tame the chaos on your WhatsApp!

Types of Tabs

There are 2 types of tabs: System Tabs and Custom Tabs.

System Tabs

These Tabs are predefined by Cooby which automatically categorizes chats based on their most recent attributes.

  • Inbox - All chats that are not Closed, Snoozed, or Archived. Use this tab to focus on the most important chats.

  • Starred - Chats that have been marked as Starred.

  • Closed - Chats that have been marked Closed. When you receive a new message from a closed chat it will be reopened.

  • Snoozed - Chats that have been Snoozed. Snoozed chats will reappear in the Inbox Tab when the defined time is up or when they are manually unsnoozed.

  • All - All of your chats will show up in this here, regardless of them being closed or snoozed. Archived chats can be found by clicking the Archived button in the chatlist.

  • Unread - Chats that have unread messages.

  • Awaiting Reply - Chats that you have not received a response to.

  • Needs Reply - Chats you have yet to respond to.

  • Mentions - Chats where you were mentioned within the past 48 hours.

  • Groups - Conversations that you have with 3 or more people.

  • Individuals - All 1:1 conversations.

  • Official Accounts - Chats from verified accounts.

  • Broadcast List - Chats from broadcast lists.

Custom Tabs

You can also create your own self-defined Tabs.

Customizing your Tab View

You can also customize your Tab View to how you like it, here are the things you can do:

Reorder Tabs

Hide Tabs

Rename Tabs

Set Tab emoji

We hope this document helps you better understand how Cooby works. For any concerns or questions regarding your inbox productivity, kindly email us at [email protected] 💜

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