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Bug Service Level Agreement
Bug Service Level Agreement
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Understanding Your Service Priorities

We're dedicated to ensuring your experience with our service is smooth and reliable. Below, we potential issues you might encounter and our commitment to addressing them swiftly and effectively.

Issue Categories and Response Times

Priority Level

Example of issues

Response Time

Resolution time


  • Extension for accessibility

    • Sign-up/login issue

    • Server issue

  • Account Management

    • Permission setting

    • Subscription issue

  • Integration Set up

    • Onboarding problems

    • Message syncing issues

Any other critical issues that affect your core experience.

Within 5 hours on weekday

3 to 5 business days


  • Extension Features for Inbox Zero

  • Integration for productivity

Any other important issues that impact your usage and workflow

Within 8 hours on weekday

6 to 8 business days


  • General Extension Features

  • UI related issues

Any other issues that affect user experience

Within 24 hours on weekday

7 to 12 business days

Communication Channels

You're in good hands. Our responsive team will keep you updated through your preferred channels, ensuring clarity and support.

Customer Service Availability

Our Business Hours: Monday - Friday

  • 10a.m. - 06p.m. (UTC+08:00)

  • 09p.m. - 11p.m. (UTC+08:00)

  • 02a.m. - 04a.m. (UTC+08:00)

Our Commitment

We understand how crucial timely support is to you. These guidelines reflect our pledge to provide clear, effective solutions, ensuring your satisfaction and trust in our service. We aim to resolve issues swiftly, keeping you informed and confident in our dedication to your experience.

Note: These timelines are our commitment to excellence, providing a framework for expected service. We endeavor to resolve issues more swiftly when possible and will maintain transparent communication throughout the process.

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