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Zapier Integration guide
Zapier Integration guide
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Only Custom plan users can integrate with Zapier. If you are interested in Zapier Integration, please contact the Cooby Sales Team.

  1. Go to your Integration Center.

  2. Click Manage permission in Zapier.

  3. From here, you are able to give your team members Zapier integration permission.

  4. Back to the last page and click Integration Guide.

  5. Click the Zapier hyperlink we provided to open your Zapier.

  6. Click + Create Zap.

  7. In the Trigger section

    1. Search Webhooks by Zapier and select the result.

    2. In the Event dropdown, choose Catch Hook , click continue.

    3. Click Continue again.

    4. Copy the Webhook URL.

    5. Go back to the Cooby integration guide, paste the Webhook URL in Trigger actions when receive WhatsApp messages input box, and hit Save.

    6. Go back to Zapier, click Test Trigger, click Continue.

    7. If it shows We found a request! means it successfully catches the webhook, click Continue.

  8. In the Action section

    1. Choose the App of your choice (Google Sheet as an example).

    2. Choose the event of your choice, click Continue.

    3. Authenticate your account, click Continue.

    4. Insert data of your choice, click Continue.

    5. Click Test action, and it will send a test to your App if the test succeeds.

    6. Click Publish.

  9. To ensure that the Zapier integration is set up properly, REFRESH your WhatsApp Web as well as the WhatsApp Web of your team members after making any changes to the settings.

All done! 🎉 You should now see the triggered actions when you receive a new WhatsApp message!

Example on Google sheet:

If you would like to trigger an action when sending a WhatsApp message, paste your Webhook URL in Trigger actions when send WhatsApp messages.

You can use the same Webhook URL for both triggers, this will log all the messages on WhatsApp.

For any concerns or questions regarding your Zapier integration, kindly email us at [email protected] 💜

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