How do I create and use templates?

With the templates feature, you can say goodbye to your old school doc or note consisting of recurring messages that you'd have to copy-paste. Let us help you be more efficient!

How to create templates:

  1. Open your Cooby Extension and look for the templates button on the upper right side of your screen and click on the plus sign.
  2. Nominate an internal template name that will only be visible to you and/or your team, and add template message below.
  3. Make your template more personalized by using variables. Choose between {{display_name}} or {{whatsapp_name}}. These will automatically insert contact's variable name.
  1. Click on 'create' once done.

How to use templates:

To utilize a template in a conversation, head to the template section of your Cooby Extension and click on template of choice.

  1. Once you've selected your template of choice, you are still able to edit and further personalize the template before sending. If already satisfied, simply click on 'send' button.

  1. If variable of template is not applicable for a specific conversation like the {{whatsapp_name}} for group chats, variable will turn red and would not automatically insert name. You may replace this before sending the template.

How to edit / delete templates:

  1. Look for template you wish to edit or delete in the templates section of Cooby Extension.

  1. Confirm by clicking on desired action.

For Workspace users:

  1. Create sharable templates that your teammates are able to use by creating Workspace templates.
  1. Track Workspace templates used by the team by heading to the templates section of Cooby Workspace. From here, you will see all templates created, number of times sent, and who sent them.

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