Delete account data

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Delete your Cooby account data

Ready to leave for good? You can delete your account data at any time.

What to expect?

  • Messages and files you've stored in Cooby will be permanently gone. However, all chats you've synced on HubSpot or other CRM tools won't be deleted. If your company allows it, you can delete messages and files before deactivating your account.
  • If you're an admin of the workspace, your delete request will affect all members.
Before you submit the account deletion request to Cooby Support, please ensure that you don't have any active subscriptions. To learn how to cancel your Cooby subscription from here.

How to delete your Cooby data?

Kindly submit your request to Cooby Support via WhatsApp or email, including your account email. The expected procedure will be completed within the next 14 business days. We won't actively send you a notification once the process is done unless you request it.

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