Understanding The Needs Reply Dashboard

Make your customers feel like VIPs and ensure that no message is left unaddressed with the Needs Reply dashboard.

Where to find the Needs Reply dashboard:

  1. Open your Cooby Workspace
  2. Head on over to the Analytics section
  1. Select Needs Reply icon

What you get with the Needs Reply dashboard:

  • Needs Reply Overview - total number of conversations your entire team has left unaddressed

  • Needs Reply by Member - see which of your members need improvement when it comes to responding promptly by checking out the summary of needs reply conversations per member and average wait time (click on the needs reply column to be redirected to all conversations left unaddressed by that specific member).

* average wait time = (wait time 1 + wait time 2 + wait time 3..) / total number of needs reply conversations

  • Needs Reply Conversations - breakdown of all needs reply conversations irrespective of member and team. You will be redirected to actual conversation if you click on either the conversation name, wait time, or member.

*wait time = present time - the time since last message was sent by customer

  • Needs Reply by Team - see which team is not promptly responding to their conversations and the average wait time

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