Salesforce Set Up Guide

Salesforce set up

Step 1: Install Cooby from AppExchange

  1. Go to AppExchange and search for Cooby, or just click this link
  2. Choose 'Install for all users' in the pop-up when prompted. 
  3. It may take a while to install. You will receive an email: “Package Cooby Install Successful” when it’s done.

Step 2: Change OAuth Policies

  1. Go to Settings and click App Manager.
  2. Search for “Cooby Connect”
  1. On the right-hand side, click the drop-down list. Click manage and you should see this page.
  1. Click “Edit policies”
  2. Set Permitted Users under the OAuth Policies section to “Admin approved users are pre-authorized”

Step 3: Grant permission for selected profiles

  1. Go to Setup -> Users -> Profile, and select the profile you wish to grant Cooby access to. Search for Cooby, and make sure both Cooby_setup and Cooby Connect are checked. If you want to edit, click the “edit” button on the top.
  1. Go to Setup -> Users -> Permission sets. Change for the 3 permissions below to users who need Cooby access 
  • Cooby Read - for users that should have the ability to read Messages in the WhatsApp conversation component on a Contact/Lead/Task page
  • Cooby Edit - for users that should have the ability to sync Messages between Cooby and Salesforce
  • Cooby Setup - for users that should have access for the Cooby Setup app
  1. Click Manage Assignments, and choose the users you wish to grant permissions.
  1. Repeat 2&3 for all 3 permissions (Cooby Read, Cooby Edit, Cooby Setup).

Step 4: Customize Salesforce UI to display Contact and Leads’ WhatsApp Properties

  1. Go to Setup -> Object Manager -> Contact -> Page Layout -> Contact Layout
  1. Drag and drop the 8 properties to “Contact Information” area
  1. Click save, and you should see the new properties being added to the layout.
  1. Repeat 1-3 for Lead (Setup -> Object Manager -> Lead -> Page Layout -> Lead Layout)

Step 5: Customize Salesforce UI to display WhatsApp message component

The following steps need to be done for Contact/Lead/Task. The following example is only showing Contact. But the steps are the same. 

  1. Make sure you have created at least 1 contact. 
  2. Click on that contact to go to the contact page
  1. Drag “whatsApp conversations” to wherever you want to add the component. For example, it can be under the Detail page.
  1. Click on Save -> Activate -> Choose App Default -> Add “Sales”
  1. Click Save and return to the previous page, you should see the new component.
  2. Repeat 1-5 for Lead.
  3. Repeat 1-5 for Task.

Cooby set up

Step 6: Install Cooby Extension to your WhatsApp Web

  1. Extension download link: 
  2. Sign up with the same email address as your Salesforce account

Step 7: Connect Salesforce to Cooby Workspace

  1. Click on Menu -> “Go to Workspace”, and go to CRM integration page. Select Connect Salesforce. You should see a pop-up to allow access.
  1. You should see that Salesforce is connected.
  1. Go to Manage permissions, and turn on permissions for users that you wish to have access to.
  1. Click on 'start' and you may now use the integration
  2. For the non-admin user, if you have permission, click on start will bring you to Salesforce log in page. Log in and you should start be able to use the integration. If you don't have permission, ask admin to give you access.

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