What are the different system tabs?

We provide you pre-built tabs that automatically updates when you receive or send new messages. This helps you sift through your inbox effortlessly! šŸ’Ŗ

Unread - Conversations you have yet to open. Swiftly clear your inbox!

Awaiting Reply - Conversations that you have not received a response to. Know who to follow up on!

Needs Reply - Conversations you have yet to respond to. No message is left unaddressed!

Mentions - Conversations where you were mentioned within the past 48 hours. You get to respond to group chats where you are needed!

Groups - Conversations that you have with 3 or more people. Separate group chats and direct messages!

Individuals - All 1:1 conversations. Get to the most urgent ones first!

Official Accounts - Chats from verified accounts.

Broadcast List - Chats from broadcast lists.

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