How do I achieve inbox-zero on WhatsApp?

What was once simply a concept and a dream is now made into a reality with Cooby. Achieving inbox-zero has never been this attainable and easy! Follow the simple steps below to gain deep-focus and peace of mind within WhatsApp:

  1. Start your journey with a clean inbox by hovering over the inbox tab and selecting "mark all as closed".
  1. When you send or receive a message, the chat will reappear in your inbox tab. To continuously achieve inbox-zero, close finished chats by looking for the ✔️ icon beside chat name within the inbox tab. You may use the shortcut Ctrl + C or Alt + C to quickly do so.
  2. For chats that you want to get to at a later point in time, use the snooze feature. To do so, hover over the chat and click on the clock icon. From there, simply select the snooze time and it will pop up in your inbox when the time comes. You may find these snoozed chats in the snooze tab where you may choose to unsnooze them anytime.

4. For noisy chats that do not add value to your work on WhatsApp, simply archive them by hovering over the chat and clicking on the box icon. You may also use the short cuts Cmd + Ctrl + Shift + E or Alt + Ctrl + Shift + E to quickly do so.

Consistently achieving inbox-zero on WhatsApp is made easy with close, snooze, and archive. Pro tip: use shortcuts and make it a habit to clear your messages and see your productivity skyrocket! 🚀

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