Pay for my subscription in USD using locally issued debit/credit cards

You can use locally issued debit/credit cards to pay for your subscription in USD if your payment method supports international payment. However, for certain countries like India, due to new requirements from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Cooby needs permission to continue automatically charging credit cards issued by Indian banks. This permission is referred to as registering an e-mandate on your card.

How payments work with an e-mandate

You need to send Stripe, our financial platform, additional information to set up a mandate, must go through AFA (3DS) to register the mandate.

Subsequent off-session payments or auto-debits for a Subscription undergo a change. You will receive a pre-debit notification at least 24 hours before the actual payment with the exact debit amount mentioned. The pre-debit notification contains information about the payment and an option to cancel the mandate. If the payment amount is above INR 15,000 or the mandate’s maximum amount, the pre-debit notification contains a link to perform AFA (3DS) to authorize the payment.

Without a mandate for an off-session payment, the card issuer will likely decline the payment, and your subscription will be affected.

Stripe doesn’t currently offer the use of e-mandates to users in Mexico and Japan.

We hope this document helps you better understand how Cooby works. For any concerns or questions regarding your billings and payment, kindly shoot us a WhatsApp message at +14159699946 or email us at 💜

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