How do I create Templates?

From now on, you may send recurring messages in a single click. Best part? You can make them personalized with variables so your customers would not even suspect that they're actually templates!

How to create templates

  1. Open Cooby Extension
  2. Click on the the Templates icon found on the navigation bar
  1. Create new templates by clicking on the "+" icon
  1. Personalize your templates with variables. Choose between:
  • {{display_name}} - individual contact or group chat name saved on your device
  • {{whatsapp_name}} - WhatsApp user's chosen name in their profile

How to send templates

  1. Open a conversation that you wish to send a template to
  2. Click on the Templates button found on the navigation bar
  3. Select template that you wish to use
  1. Before sending, you may further customize and personalize the template to best suit your use case.

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