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How are messages synced to HubSpot?

Once contacts are linked, they will have the ability to sync messages. Any 1-1 or group chats that this contact is a part of will be eligible to be synced to HubSpot. You can choose to turn on the Auto-sync setting, which will automatically sync all chats from linked contacts into HubSpot. You can also choose to manually log messages, this is done by clicking “Log WhatsApp Messages” on the contact card and selecting the desired messages to to sync.

All messages synced to HubSpot will be in the form of “Logged WhatsApp Activity” on HubSpot. Make sure you turn on the HubSpot activity filters to see this activity.

When messages are synced to HubSpot, Cooby will detect the date that the message was sent and set that as the Activity Date of the Logged WhatsApp Activity.

For every Logged WhatsApp Activity, Cooby will automatically detect if the message is sent by your team member and display it as “by <member name>”. This is so you can use the logged messages to generate HubSpot reports by team member. If you wish to set up sales activity reports please click here. If you wish to set up time series reports please click here. For messages sent by non-members there will not be an assignee. Group chats by default will not have assignees even if the sender is a team member.

For detailed specs on synced messages click here.

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