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When you sign up as a new user, a Cooby Workspace will be created just for you.

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If your colleague has already created a Workspace and you would like to join that Workspace, please follow these steps:

  1. Have your colleague who is the admin invite your desired email.

Learn how admins can invite members

  1. You should receive an email by the name "XXX invited you to Cooby". Click on Accept Invite.
  2. You should be presented with the signup page with your email filled in. If you've signed up already click on Log in and log in.
  3. You should be presented with the join Workspace page. Confirm that you want to join another team by clicking Yes, join new team

We hope this document helps you better understand how Cooby works. For any concerns or questions regarding your HubSpot integration, kindly shoot us a WhatsApp message at +14159699946 or email us at 💜

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