How to use Cooby: Your quick start guide

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Cooby's intuitive yet powerful platform gives customer-facing working-professionals the power to make work more productive. Use this article for a high-level summary of core Cooby features, along with links to explore more documentation for each area. 


When you first sign up a Cooby Workspace will be created along with your account. Cooby Workspace is the control area for you to invite members, manage subscription and configure integrations. Members in the same Workspace will share access to the same features and billing plan.

Learn more about Workspace


Integrations allow you to connect your WhatsApp to your desired destination. Most commonly used to connect WhatsApp to CRM.

Learn more about Integrations


Learn how to understand and manage billing for Workspaces and self-serve plans in Cooby. For Custom plan questions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or sales representative.

Learn more about Billing

Inbox Productivity

Learn about Cooby's suite of productivity features that enable you to maximize your daily WhatsApp workflow.

Inbox Zero

Inbox Zero on WhatsApp (pioneered by Cooby) is the most efficient way to manage an overflowing and chaotic WhatsApp.

Learn more about Inbox Zero


Tabs are groupings of chats on your WhatsApp. There are 2 types of tabs: System Tabs (defined by Cooby), and Custom Tabs (defined by you).

Learn more about Tabs

Contact Card

Easily save a contact's name directly on WhatsApp Web. You can also easily see and copy their name, phone number, HubSpot name (if applicable), country and time zone.

Learn more about Contact Card


Set reminders right on WhatsApp so you don't miss important follow-ups.

Learn more about Reminders

Schedule Event

Save valuable time by scheduling an event with a contact right on WhatsApp.

Learn more about Schedule Event


Save important info related to a contact or chat right on WhatsApp.

Learn more about Notes

Communicate at Scale

Do you have the need to message lots of contacts? Learn about Cooby's communication features that enable you to communication at scale.


Templates are shortcuts for messages you frequently send to respond to common questions in just a few taps.

Learn more about Templates

Chat with non-contact

Chat with non-contact allows you to start a WhatsApp conversation with a phone number that is not in your phone contacts.

Learn more about Chat with non-contact


The Broadcast feature allows you to send a templated message to multiple people at once.

Learn more about Broadcast

Import & Export Contacts

Use these features to import large numbers of contacts into WhatsApp or export large numbers of contacts out of WhatsApp.

Learn more about Import

Learn more about Export

We hope this document helps you better understand how Cooby works. For any concerns or questions regarding your HubSpot integration, kindly shoot us a WhatsApp message at +14159699946 or email us at 💜

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