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What is a Linked Contact?

A Linked Contact is an established connection between your WhatsApp contact and the corresponding contact in HubSpot.

Cooby does this by “linking” WhatsApp contacts and HubSpot contacts via phone number. When a contact is linked, you will be able to see their HubSpot contact card on your WhatsApp. You will be able to edit the contact’s properties like name, company, title and create tickets, deals associated with this contact. Any 1-1 or group chats that this contact is a part of will be eligible to be synced to HubSpot.

Open your Hubspot Sidebar and open a WhatsApp contact that isn't linked with a HubSpot contact.

Click Link and search for the name, email, or phone number of the HubSpot contact.

Choose the HubSpot contact that you want to link with, and click Link.

When you link a contact, the contact's phone number on HubSpot will be replaced by the phone number on WhatsApp. This is a necessity because there can only be 1 phone number that establishes the linkage.

To unlink a contact, simply click on the "not the right contact" button > confirm by clicking on the "unlink" button.

Cooby will remember that you unlinked this contact and will not perform Auto-link on it in the future.

Cooby makes linking contacts super easy by automating the process. Cooby will attempt to automatically link any WhatsApp contacts that have the same phone number as a HubSpot contact.

There are 2 methods of Auto-linking:

This method will only link a contact when the phone numbers are exact matches, including the country code.

This type of Auto-link occurs in 3 instances:

  • When you first connect to HubSpot, Cooby will perform Auto-link (Exact match) to link all of your WhatsApp contacts to your HubSpot contacts.
  • Every 3 minutes Cooby will also perform Auto-link (Exact match) to ensure that any new WhatsApp contacts or any new HubSpot contacts are detected and linked.

This method will link a contact when the phone numbers are matched irrespective of the country code

This type of Auto-link occurs only in 1 instance:

  • When you click open a chat on WhatsApp, Cooby will perform Auto-link (Fuzzy match) on all of the WhatsApp numbers in the opened chat.

We hope this document helps you better understand how Cooby works. For any concerns or questions regarding your HubSpot integration, kindly shoot us a WhatsApp message at +14159699946 or email us at 💜

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